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MudNet News


2/27/2010 - Alierak - server & website

The end of MudNet is fast approaching, for a number of reasons. Our colo provider is going out of business (we owe a big thanks to Alex at Yakshavers for I think about 4 years of free hosting, and to TERC and MIT before that). It's been years since anyone has worked on MudNet, the team has all but disbanded, and I haven't really done anything MU*-related in several years anyway.

I'll keep parts of the website and email service going on a temporary webhost, but MudNet will disconnect on 3/14. Bye, folks.

3/01/2003 - Alierak - website

I've added a web version of the world list, updated every 15 minutes.

2/16/2003 - Alierak - server & website

I've separated ANSI support from MUSH type, so you can now select some details of how ANSI is translated for your world -- see the install form for more.

2/13/2003 - Alierak - server

Hellspawn, Javelin, and I tracked down a PennMUSH 1.7.6p6 problem that prevented MudNet from staying connected to some worlds. The bot can now gracefully handle receiving a NUL (ascii 0), and PennMUSH will no longer send them in 1.7.6p7. PennMUSH 1.7.7p8 was not affected.

8/24/2002 - Alierak - server

Yay, the new UPS is installed, providing about 38 minutes of backup power for the entire machine room where lives. More details here.

6/16/2002 - Alierak - server

We've been experiencing power problems for the last week since our UPS went bad (damn, at 310 days of uptime too). We will probably continue to see random reboots for the next couple of weeks while we wait for a new UPS to be delivered and new circuits installed by an electrician. MudNet is automatically started when power is restored, so there is no need to inform us of these outages.

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