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MudNet Credits


MudNet is derived from MushLink. These are the MushLink credits, from version 1.0 in July 1996:

MushLink (mlink.c) was originally written by David P. Albert (Aslan@MicroMuse). It was modified for DarkZone by Kalkin@DarkZone and then modified to support a variety of servers and documented by Cyclonus@2k5. MushLink is maintained by Cyclonus <>; contact that address for information on how to get your MUSH on the list.

As per the author's wishes, anyone who runs a MushLink-based bot should call it something else, so we began calling ours MudNet and making other changes. Corum@StormWorld added the mnstatus, mnhaven, and mnpagelock commands, which allowed people to block mnpages. Corum, Zenty, and Bobby added support for more MU* servers and mail systems. sTiLe@Chaotic and Zenty added support for multi-MUSH conversation over the TinyMUX and PennMUSH channel systems, based on Edwin's earlier idea for a softcoded comsys. sTiLe added the MudNet room for a simpler interface to the comsys. Zenty and sTile modified MudNet to restart dynamically (without dropping connections) and added a few commands. Bobby worked on revising the softcode for MudNet.

The MudNet Robot was then (October 1997) almost totally rewritten for efficiency by Alierak@ChaoticMUX when he found it consuming CPU on his machine. Alierak also added ANSI color support, the mnworld and mnstaff commands, and closed some security holes. sTiLe added the mnsearch command. Alierak added password-protected admin commands. hellspawn, Alierak, and sTiLe developed a webpage and web-based world addition. In 2001, Alierak added hostkeys and mnlocks for security, and moved more of the softcode out of the Robot to make it more consistent and customizable.

MudNet is currently maintained by Alierak, Bobby, hellspawn, sTiLe, and Zenty at ChaoticMUX ( 4201). We'd also like to thank the following people who have helped with testing and improving MudNet 4 since its release: Ashen-Shugar, Errant@SG-1, Felix@Century, Javelin, Meglos, Melinda Bellemore, and RedWolf@Fallout. We've been maintaining the project for over five years now, and since the beginning MudNet has become the most popular MushLink derivative that has ever existed. If you would like MudNet on your MU*, please follow the installation instructions.

Zenty sTiLe hellspawn Alierak


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